Stop this Weird Reality Show, I Want To Get Off.

My poppets! I hope you’re enjoying a great cup of coffee filled with optimism and joy for for the opportunity that is the week ahead, ah who am I kidding, the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island in Hawaii has erupted and I think we can take that as a sign that Mother Nature is saying “eff this, I’m taking this planet back.” Yep, that’s the only responsible and rational reaction to have to that news.

A wee request: I’d love to know more about why you crack open this email every morning. How do you describe this lil nugget of info to friends, if you do at all? What about it do you like? My ego and personal motivations thank you in advance.

Yes, I finished The Power over the weekend, and yes, I loved it and it was so freaking amazing, and yes, now I’m going on a Naomi Alderman book binge thankyouverymuch, especially since she co-created one of the first amazing location-aware running games, ‘Zombies, Run!’

Um, this Rudy Giuliani season of “The President” is going to be LIT.

Great piece out of the Harvard Business Review on how the assignment of “office housework” can stymie the career advancement of women and minorities. The piece covers tasks we’re already familiar with as housework, including taking notes, planning parties, and ordering lunch, but also discusses how managing task lists and handling routine work (versus strategy work) will prevent advancement. And this is fixable, but it starts with managers identifying every piece of office housework for an organization and who is doing it, and then assign those tasks equitably without asking for volunteers.

God, I love Ryan Reynolds oh so very much and cannot wait for Deadpool 2.

And finally, from 2016: The average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant. coolcoolcoolcoolcool…

Love you all. Be kind to each other.