Suit Up --> Fight Creeps, And Other Excellently Tattooable Mantras

Lovelies! Happy to report that the temperature in our fair city by the Bay has dropped, and I am no longer at risk of melting into the sea. Now I get to turn my frustration to the fact that while the city is back to a normal temperature outside, my top-floor unit is still a sold twenty degrees warmer, despite every window being open, as well as to wondering which fan app on my phone is listening to me yell at my weather app in the name of “preventing” “piracy” (yes, this is a real thing, a sportsball team is facing fines for SPYING ON THEIR FANS BY RECORDING THEM VIA THEIR APP oh my god, this dystopic timeline is le worst.)

You’re all great. Be kind to each other.

Xoxoxo Amy