Tech Conference Double Standards, And Other "No Sh!t, Sherlock" Realities.

Mein Leibchens! On this January morn, I hope you are fueled by the most delectable coffee you could conjure, and that you’ve already started getting excited for those epic weekend adventures. Mine involve seeing dear friends I’ve been remiss in visiting, and binge-reading on my new couch because I’ve never been more excited about a purchase I have made, ever, in my life. It’s the well-constructed and just-cushy-enough little things in life, friends.

TO THE INTERNET. Today's a true grab bag.

So right now, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Vegas, and those of us in the communications profession who do not find ourselves trapped on the ground in Sin City are thanking our lucky talismen while sending healthy, illness-proof thoughts to our comrades currently in battle. Some background for those outside of this world: CES doesn’t exactly have a history of female-friendliness. So when a female-founded sex tech company won a CES innovation award this year for a sexual device designed for women, but then promptly had that award taken away because it didn’t “fit” into existing product categories (SFW article but NSFW because about sex toys? I dunno, it’s your work's firewall…) despite the fact that there have been LITERAL SEX ROBOTS FOR MEN at CES in the past, folks in our industry rolled their eyes HARD. But let’s be real: congrats to the PR team at this company, who held that award rejection in their hands for a couple of months until the start of CES, wherein they used it to generate the kind of earned media that receiving the award in the first place wouldn’t have ever achieved. KUDOS, FLACKS. We tip our hat to you.

The dog breeder who originally popularized the term “Labradoodle” says he regrets starting that craze. But since the offspring of any pup crossed with a poodle is automatically my favorite dog ever, I still salute him. Also, can someone tell me why this article, entitled A Designer Dog-Maker Regrets His Creation, is in Psychology Today? Also also also, if anyone ever sees a hypoallergenic Great Danoodle, please take a picture of it and send it to me, because they are my dream doggos and I lurve them.

I really miss running, but ever since I broke my leg and had a 5 pins and a titanium rod installed, it isn’t the most comfortable exercise for me to engage in. But God help me, reading this Runner’s World piece on the joys of running to show tunes and musicals makes me want to lace up and give it a good College try this weekend.

And finally, imma just toss this headline grenade out there and wait for the “But actually…” emails from my Boomer subscribers to explode around me: “People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds.” (Mum, I realize this doesn’t apply to you because you only submit verified sources to the Missive, and for that I am grateful.)

Have an efficient and exciting day! And be kind to each other, why don’t you?

Xoxo Amy