Tech Titans and Moose Attacks

So yesterday happened, wherein the PEOTUS gathered most of the titans of technology and told them that they had to like him now. And if you’re looking for your next meme, might I suggest perusing the images of said executives looking mighty uncomfortable in that meeting. But seriously, that image of the table, with Trump and Pence in the middle and Silicon Valley propped around him was downright creepy.

Meanwhile, Governor Brown has promised that if Trump fucks with NASA, California will just build our own damned satellites. And I made a joke on twitter but nobody laughed.

And thank you to everyone who continues to send Missive suggestions in. Because only then would I be aware of the fact that Canada has a "Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve” (thank you friend!) and that a Car-licking moose prompts warning in southern Alberta (thank you Mum!) Re: that moose: basically, don’t physically push a moose away. Because moose will mess you up. Democrats, be more like moose, please.

See y’all tomorrow, because I've got feelings to share.