Teeny Tiny Fishes Make Excellent Dining Companions, And Other Songs I Write In The Shower.

LOVELIES! It’s the middle of August, the days are warming up in foggy San Francisco, and I had an amazing dinner last night at Tartine Manufactury. I know this isn’t breaking news, but any restaurant that has the guts to serve a delectable tin of canned anchovies alongside pesto and grilled Tartine bread and have it be one of the best appetizers I’ve ever consumed, is amazing. #carbs. In other news, my descent into 100 percent chilling on a porch in Boca whilst yelling at the youths continues.

I know you need this today: Friend of the Missive Nataly Dawn teamed up with Ali Spagnola to do a folk cover of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts and it is SO GOOD ARGH MAKES ME ANGRY AT HOW FUN AND LOVELY AND AWESOME IT IS. Link above goes to the start of the song, but I highly recommend you rewind that there YouTube there and go back to the top of the vid to watch the behind-the-scenes. And then watch Pomplamoose’s musical-style cover with Ali et al of Ed Sheeran & Khalid's "Beautiful People" because you need talented musicians making gloriously happy harmonic earworms in your day, every day. Those Hamilton-style vocal riffs? I SEE YOU NATALY. And I am grateful.


I like y’all. Be kind to each other :)

xoxo Amy