TGIF - Get Those Kitties Rollin'!

Before you head off to work work work work work (thx Katelyn) herding cats (thx Eddie), here’s some reading for your Friday.

Meet Taylor Huckaby, the fantastic social media manager who penned the excellent @SFBart responses mentioned yesterday, was interview by the San Francisco Chronicle. Friend of the Missive Lilia is trying to arrange a lunch meeting with the three of us, in which I will fan girl the hell out.

The New York Times looks at a Democratic voting demographic in the midst of fleeing Hillary for Trump: white men.

Like hyenas waiting to pick off the littlest wildebeest, Dem senators are targeting shaky senate GOP incumbents to get them to confirm Merrick Garland and break the Senate majority.

Apple engineers say they will refuse to unlock iPhones for the government if compelled by court decision, quitting their jobs if they have to.

And wah wah headline of the day: George Lucas eating noodles in a food court is the new Sad Keanu.