Thank Whichever Sky Deity You Give Offerings To, Today’s The Last Day The Sun Will Rise At 8:38 AM (In Calgary) For Awhile. It Gets Incrementally Easier From Here, Folks!

Mes chouchous (and French speakers, please let me know if I am saying anything absolutely offensive, mmmkay?), HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! That’s right, you’ve reached the longest day of the year, which means that the days only get shorter from here and that debilitating SAD we’re all feeling will be slightly lessened each day. Thank goodness for seasons, and congrats on making it this far into 2020, it’s truly an achievement of epic proportions. 

Hey there, be kind to each other, why don’t you! Wear a mask, wash your hands, avoid gatherings, drink some water. Hugs all around!

xoxo Amy