The Awkwardest Meeting, Bark Mitzvahs, San Francisco Sinkholes

It’s Thursday! I hope your plate isn’t too full today. I myself will be deciding whether I have enough in the budget for a bark mitzvah for Teddy and Ellie, or if it’s just easier to throw my cash in the Bay while on a walk at Point Isabel. Decisions, decisions.

Remember a month ago, when it looked like Speaker Paul Ryan might actually emerge from this year's GOP primary snafu bright-eyed and smelling of roses? Alas, it wasn’t to be, as he prepares to meet with Donald Trump today (BuzzFeed headline: A Meeting of Yuge Importance.) Ryan wants some sort of compromise or demonstration that Trump is willing to toe the line. Obviously, Trump wants none of those things.

Ryan’s in a tricky spot in terms of his political ambitions. From The New York Times:

[Speaker Ryan] and his staff play down talk of a 2020 run for the White House, but how Mr. Ryan manages Mr. Trump over the next six months will play a major role in shaping Mr. Ryan’s future. Many of his colleagues are uneasy about Mr. Trump and grateful that the speaker is at least buying them time to determine how to handle the political equivalent of a live grenade.

We’ll know more soon, so look forward forward to a sea of hot takes and angry tweets today. And some coverage from other people!

FYI the sinkhole at Mission and New Montgomery wasn’t just in my head.

See ya tomorrow!