The Faults in our Servers.

Don’t have a lot of time today folks, as I am busy cracking open the Maclean’s Magazine archives and settling in with 110 years of Canadiana. I’ll see y’all in 30 days when the free trial ends.

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey said that while Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server for government work was “extremely careless,” he did not recommend that charges be brought against her. I am still working my way through Comey’s statement because I missed the presser, but for those of you who think it’s over, it is not, as the Republican response demonstrates. I think this whole thing is shitty, and it’s shitty that the email issues happened in the first place. That’s it, nothing witty, just shitty.

And finally, a few weekends back, a group of our friends headed south to Santa Cruz for a hike, and then made our way up the coast. Along the way, we stopped at a beach, and friend of the Missive and geological wunderkind mentioned yesterday Miles Traer showed us all where one can see the San Andreas fault in the cliffs (photo above). So when I read the following, I imagined Miles falling to his knees and uttering a forlorn Wilhelm scream: Hayward City Workers Accidentally Destroy Longtime Geo-Pilgrimage Site On Hayward Fault. And hey, if you live in the Golden State and want to freak yourself out, just spend some time on the List of earthquakes in California wikipedia page and shake in your boots - terrified pun intended.