The Great D.C. Ballgown Famine of 2017

Happy Tuesday, you fabulous humans. In case you’ve been counting, as I have since I have to make sure my cryogenic pod in which to sleep off the next four years is prepped before the 19th, the inauguration of the 45th President of these United States of America is in nine days. Which means that we’re seeing remarks and memos from outgoing cabinet members, including an apology from Secretary of State John Kerry for past discrimination against the LGBTI community, "on the basis of perceived sexual orientation, forcing some employees to resign or refusing to hire certain applicants in the first place.” A simple and sobering reminder of where we’ve come, and what we all have at stake to lose.

It’s been challenging of late to stay on the surface and find funny and/or absurd moments in our shared culture to put in your inbox, because distractions now cause me anxiety. I’ve streamlined my information sources and attempted to prevent mental culture; deleted Facebook off of my phone, unfollowed everyone on Twitter. Pithy distractions give me less joy - every time I want to chuckle over the fact that Trump’s claim that the inauguration is so popular that all "All the dress shops are sold out in Washington” was so easily disproved, and that there’s “never been less demand,” I cringe. Because our incoming PEOTUS just lied about local clothing store inventory in an impulsive and heated late-night phone call to the New York Times whilst denying the fact that his buddy in the Kremlin ordered the campaign to destabilize our election.

Trump’s sartorial fibs may make for smug Twitter fodder, but it just shows how comfortable we’ve become in the warming waters of untruth. Which is why I am pleased when I read that the Internet Archive has catalogued 520 hours of Trump video for anyone to see, preserving the past so that when we get that nagging feeling we’re being gaslit, there’s at least a first resource we can go to for comparison.

So if you need a bit of a LOL this morning, as you all know I certainly do, I suggest you watch Key and Peele’s farewell Obama Anger Translator sketch and enjoy the catharsis that comes from screaming into the void.

Oh, and also know that a "Taiwan politician's funeral feature[d[ 50 pole dancers.”