The last 24 hours can just QUIT. IT.

Top of the morning, my darlings! As every day produces yet another low that society just can’t wait to limbo under, I’m so glad that we’re in this together, finding the humor, or at least thinnest of silver linings, in whatever the hell is happening out there.

Because holy hell, news: The close-to-passing Tax Bill will fill a Scrooge McDuck pool of money for the Trump family and their friends. Matt Lauer is awful. Garrison Keillor is awful The President of the United States shared inflammatory anti-Muslim videos from a racist British political organization, then went after the UK’s Prime Minister, who had condemned his retweeting of said inflammatory anti-Muslim videos. The Uber / Waymo trial got weird, and got delayed. A current major party candidate for the United States Senate was discovered to have authored a textbook - in 2011 - saying that women shouldn’t run for public office. The Twitter worker who shut down Trump’s account for eleven glorious minutes was revealed. A Bosnian war criminal drank poison on live TV, and subsequently died.

My friends, that was JUST THE LAST 24 HOURS.

I swear to god, this daily DDOS attack of insanity seems to be doing the job. I sent around an email round up of the news cycle to a client yesterday, AND FORGOT THE POISON-DRINKING WAR CRIMINAL. That’s right, the day was so full of insanity that a war criminal committing suicide via poison in the courtroom on live TV wasn’t even top of mind.
Oh, and fuck Matt Lauer.