The Morning Missive: Dismantling The Wedding Industrial Complex Since 2015.

Why hello my friends, you’ve made it to the middle of the week and through the first week in office, and you’ve managed to get your email app of choice open, and now we’re hanging out. Technology is great! On that note, I was listening to the excellent deep dive Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend with Dana Carvey, and at one point in the six-part series, the two of them discuss how cool it is that people are bringing the two of them along on their daily lives, albeit via a podcast in their earholes. And it made me think about you lovely humans, taking a peek into the jumbled rat nest that is my brain to find interesting internet ideas, all while on your commute, or eating something, or taking a break from work, or embarking on an adventure, and I gotta say: it makes me feel pretty special. So thank you :) And if you have a strange place you read the Missive, do let me know. Oh, and now I’ve gone down a Conan clip personal deep dive, and giggling in my kitchen to Conan Staffers' Parents Give Tips On Improving The Show.

Grab yer caffeinated beverage, friends, cuz we’re OFF TO THE INTERNET!

  • I just LOVE this headline to the depths of my being: Look at the Mueller Report as a Detective Story. It Will Blow Your Mind. Also, the piece by Quinta Jurecic is SO GOOD at making you rethink the investigative document which, yes, I have on my Kindle.

  • Did you log on to the twitters after the horrible shooting and wonder Why Is Everyone Talking About 30-50 Feral Hogs? Because I sure did, and I sure am glad that Gabriella Paiella explained it to me.

  • Recently, Instagram purged a metric poop-tonne of meme accounts. And thank goodness, Taylor Lorenz as the central cultural chronicler of all things social media has an explainer as to what the image sharing company is planning to do to quell the meme page wars.

  • And finally, because we need something to distract us from preventable horrors lurking out there in the real world, In Defense Of Celebrity Stunt Weddings. (I disagree with defending these gross things, but I’m all here for taking down the Wedding Industrial Complex, which only reinforces the patriarchy and magnifies everyone’s worst tendencies. And in case you were wondering, I love weddings: weddings = wonderful celebrations of radical commitments to each other, fidelity and community. But the Wedding Industrial Complex = insane fights over florals, unhealthy diets and extreme spray tans, and the likening of women with opinions to large lizard creatures destroying Tokyo.

You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other, and to yourselves.

Xoxo Amy