The One That's All Over The Place

Darlings, I hope you had a lovely and sun-filled weekend. I also hope that you’ve managed to avoid heading down to LA for E3, the yearly video game industry pilgrimage that starts tomorrow. Fun fact: as a part of my six short months in gaming marketing, I attended an E3, fully badged and all. But since I was not an accomplished/powerful gaming executive, nor a gorgeous/less-clothed booth babe, I was able to experience just how invisible a twenty-something woman can be in a sea of dudes. Needless to say, I was not long for the gaming world.

Folks, I don’t know if I’ve ever once told you ever, but I’m Canadian. And as a Canadian, I was raised with a strong-yet-polite sense of self, an above average pain and cold tolerance, and a knowledge of American history that was in no way reciprocated by our neighbor to the south. Growing up in Canada, we were quite set in our special relationship status, and I was rudely awakened when I started at Princeton and realized that no, Americans did NOT care about or pay attention to us as much as we did them. But despite the tightening of immigration after 9/11 and the changes in leadership on both sides over the years, Canada and the States have continued to enjoy a special relationship. Well, as this photo from the G7 Summit illustrates, that may not be the case any more:

So much went down at the G7 in Quebec, your required reading for this week is BuzzFeed’s explainer on the whole mess, and your bonus content is the Times’s take on how pissed Canadians are regarding Trump’s “bully” twitter tirade against PM Trudeau. Because you KNOW I’m going to be talking about this for the next few weeks, so I expect you to be up to speed.

But also ummmmm I know I missed this, but holy hell, was Doug Ford really elected premier of Ontario? Hey Canada, can we have a talk about this shit, and other Rebel Media-influenced political decisions being made? Take it from us, WE KNOW WHERE THIS CAN GO.

And finally, my colleagues and clients know that of all of the many traits I share with our current POTUS is a dedication to a super-efficient personal filing system of ripping up any document that offends me. What I lack, however, is a career government official paid $65,969 to collect and reconstruct my tantrums. I am taking applications, however. Please note the position is unpaid, with no benefits or career prospects, and will require you to listen to my Summer 2018 Pop playlist on loop.

Like today’s Missive, everything’s scattered and weird in 2018. Be kind to each other.