The SCOTUS Scramble, and Other Awkward Bar Mitzvah Dances

Happy Tuesday, loves! If you had a day off to observe Washington’s birthday here in the US, or Canada’s far more transparent excuse for a day off, Family Day, I hope it was restful and lovely. And if you had to work, I hope your commute was smooth and your favorite hipster coffee bar pleasantly empty.

SCOTUS Associate Justice Antonin Scalia passed away this weekend at the age of 79. Though I have numerous fundamental ethical/moral issues with his rulings and general approach to the world, I direct to you to Vox’s coverage of the glorious RBG and her statement on the loss of her “best buddy” as my only comment on the passing of someone’s family member. According to the New York Times, he’d been of ill health, or at least that’s what the coroner who neglected to order an autopsy says his doctor told her. I'm not one to tell anyone else how to do their job, but when a controversial SCOTUS Justice passes away on a Texas leisure rant, maybe one calls an autopsy? The conspiracy nuts have already emerged, claiming foul play (see autopsy note previous sentence,) pointing to a pillow over his face as an indication. As someone who covers her eyes with a pillow in order to sleep, I find this reaction silly, but we all know pillows can melt steel beams, or something.

Scalia's death means a conservative SCOTUS vote jump ball on the Supreme court - #sportsballreference - which could determine the political lean of the court for the next few decades. As if the current election cycle could get more bat-shit crazy; all hell is breaking loose. There was a Republican debate Saturday night which started with a moment of silence, and then rolled right on to platitudes and calls to “delay, delay, delay” any nomination the President puts forward. Obama has stated that he will nominate someone, which is good because he still has 338 days until he leaves office, and even I wrote a thesis during my senior fall in college - clapping for credit was senior spring, Mum. So as Republicans are demanding that this be left to the Next-In-Chief and Democrats are all ‘aw hell no,' Greta Van Susteren has the most level and direct response - everyone needs to put on their big kid pants and do their job already.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio released a campaign ad that looked an awful lot like the fantastic Deadpool film, in that they both have comical voiceovers and were shot in Vancouver. And by the way, Deadpool is awesome and made an insane amount of money this weekend, so I assume you already know what I am talking about.

Kids, today’s one of those days I’m really, really pleased you share my ramblings with me. Peace!