The Through Line is: There is No Through Line.

As the referendum on whether Britain exits the E.U. draws near, the Brits are engaging in flotilla fights and dry wit wars. An anti-EU band of fishing boats steamed up the Thames and were met by Bob Geldof in a cruiser, and some dinghies. This lead to some excellent Twittering, captured masterfully by BuzzFeed’s Matthew Champion. A selection:

Britain, never change.

Remember the upstanding young woman who painted her “art” all over National Parks across the Western United States? She’s the one who drew all over ancient rocks and posted it to Instagram, and basically fueled my rage dreams for years to come? Well, she pled guilty to seven misdemeanor counts of damaging government property and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and two years probation.* I hope the “artist’s” community service consists of learning how to clean the rocks she defaced and posting that shit to her Instagram. Or getting lectured on park etiquette by a moose and an ornery bison. (ht Colin.)

* Which, by the way is 2/3 the probation the Stanford swimmer received, in addition to six months in county jail, for being convicted by a jury for three counts of felony sexual assault. And I think two years probation is too light for National Park desecration. Ugh, nothing matters, the world is dark, ffs.

Word of the day: in a piece about Trump and fear, Emma Roller introduces us non-English majors to apophasis. Try using it in a sentence today! Don’t worry, I will not stoop to suggesting one for you to try. There’s not a chance I’m super scared neither of these sentences are actual examples of proper use.

My Mum alerts me to the fact that Canada is now the second biggest arms exporter to Middle East. Huh.

And yes, we are all this deadpan dog in a pool today.