There Isn't Enough Coffee in the World this Morning.

Happy Monday, you fantastic folks you. I just spent five minutes trying to figure out if there was a non-lame way to say I hope you’d had a weekend filled with sun and fun, but I couldn’t make words work because hooo boy I’m dragging this morning and now I’m doubly unimpressed with the outcome of this paragraph, you bet people of earth, I’m doing great!

  • So, uh, did something happen on Friday?

  • Last week, a VC wrote about being asked to leave his job because his caring for his partner while she dealt with aggressive cancer was supposedly distracting him from his firm. A corporate act of douchebaggery at which Drew Olanoff, fantastic writer and cancer survivor, calls BS in humans, and their talents, are not disposable.

  • As we’ve discussed, there are SO many elements of the Theranos scandal that give me pause, from the danger of only surrounding yourself with yes-men to what Caroline McCarthy referred to as the “benevolent sexism” of her advisors assuming women are “inherently more virtuous and honest than men.” But one aspect that I hate to bring up because #feminism but that I also must admit I immediate noticed when I first saw an image of Ms. Holmes, is her unpolished hair. Now, I am not good with "styling" hair, so there is no judgement on my part. In fact, I sort of trusted her more because I knew that she did her hair on her own every morning, just like me. Luckily, Vox’s The Goods is here to explain to us how no, we weren’t the only ones who noticed and yes, her hair DOES contrast with that of other public female leaders we observe.

  • And finally, this piece is GORGEOUS AND I LOVE IT: I Rode an E-Scooter as Far From Civilization as Its Batteries Could Take Me.

Darlings, I like you a lot. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy