This extrovert is exhausted :)

Good morning, my darlings. While this email was once again absent from your inbox - yesterday was day two of the Vox Conversations event here in DC, an off-the-record day packed from start to finish. Day one on Wednesday more readily resembled a traditional tech conference, on-the-record with keynotes and an audience. I will note that I’ve never been to a conference-style event where every single attendee was asked to introduce themselves to the entire group - and it actually worked because the event was capped at 150 participants. And yesterday, the agenda was crafted around attendee suggestions, with four break-out sessions, including the one I moderated. It was a dense, engaging day and a half with a dynamic and impressively curated group of people.

Speaking of Vox, Emily Crockett takes a look at a community on Reddit that is advocating for men-and-boy’s issues like increased rates of suicide and homelessness without devolving into a cesspool of toxic vitriol. She interviews founder Matthew Hodges about moderating online communities, perceptions and expectations about masculinity, and how conversations like his are coming to the "table of the broader social justice movement."

Thing I just started reading this morning: HuffPo looks at Hillary’s policy team in The Future of America is Being Written in this Tiny Office.

And finally, I kinda love Hillary Clinton on Between Two Ferns.