This Is A Snob Free Zone: Make 2021 The Year Of Not Judging Others For Their Travel Choices.

Dearests! It’s Friday, it’s July, there are so many great longreads this week, and I think I made a perfect cup of coffee this morning. So I am taking all of this as a good omen as we slide into the weekend. Let’s do this!


Patrick Howell O’Neill, Inside the FBI, Russia, and Ukraine’s failed cybercrime investigation (MIT Technology Review) - If Patrick hasn’t had this piece optioned for a movie yet, I’m going to need my Hollywood Missive readers to GET ON THAT ISH (you know who you are). This piece has everything: international spies, travel by train, a brand new FBI case manager, a mole, “vodka diplomacy” and a $79 million pay day. And you’ll also learn a lot about cybercrime threat actors who are coming for all of our bank accounts. Seriously an epic and entertaining read. 

Alexis Nowicki, “Cat Person” and Me (Slate) - This first person essay, in which the author discovers that the 2017 viral New Yorker essay “Cat Person” was partly based on one of them, ruminates on age-imbalanced relationships, the ever-hungry demand for the first-person, ultra-personal xoJane story style, and what it’s like to (sort of) see yourself represented in an online firestorm. 

Matthew Gordon Lasner, Condo Buildings Are at Risk. So Is All Real Estate. (The Atlantic) - So, like, who wants to move to the woods with me? Commune living in the mountains is seeming more and more appealing. And y’all know I’d be a benevolent cult leader!

Rosalind Chow, Don’t Just Mentor Women and People of Color. Sponsor Them. (Harvard Business Review) - It was absolutely enlightening for me a few years ago when someone gave me the career advice to not seek out mentors, but to seek out champions. We all know how easy it is to find someone who will go for coffee once a month and spout off a bit of knowledge and wisdom - it feels great to be asked to be a mentor! But it’s a lot harder to find someone who will put their own reputation out there, use their own clout to advocate for your advancement. Which is why I really enjoyed this piece exploring how diversity efforts means nothing if those recruited don’t have advocates willing to use their own social capital to influence others in their favor,

Rebecca Jennings, TikTok made me buy it (The Goods by Vox) - I am attacked by this article and will not be taking any questions at this time [scurries off to wash her face with Cerave and put on her Dieux reusable eye masks.]

Michael Blackmon, Disney Adults Don’t Care If You Hate Them. They’re Having Fun Anyway. (BuzzFeed News) - I used to get much more judgey about how other people spending their travel time and budgets. But now, after 15 months of being cooped up and dreaming of freedom, I believe everyone should get to do what they want and need to do (as long as it isn’t harming other creatures.) I guess I’m a vacation libertarian now (¯_(ツ)/¯).

You’re all lovely. As we transition into Friday (and Shabbat, for those who observe!) let’s all take a very deep breath and appreciate that we got through this week. Also drink water, get outside if you can, be kind to each other, etc etc etc. 

xoxo Amy