This Missive Runs On Compliments. And Cold Brew. But Mostly Compliments.

Sweethearts! You’re getting closer to the weekend and I want you to know that I appreciate you, think your hair looks nice, and am rooting for you to have a strong close to this week, and to September. You’ve got this!

Well I’ll be: yesterday, great Friend of the Missive, Husband of the amazing Liza and Editor-in-Chief of Crunchbase News Alex Wilhelm said a very nice thing on the twitters about this here Missive, including it alongside Erin Griffith’s first-of-its-kind newsletter genius (seriously, Erin rocked this newsletter game YEARS ago with Tribute to the Heroes of Business—RIP Another F*cking Newsletter—and everyone other newsletter writer is just catching up in their use of gifs alongside concise and biting commentary and social observation that she essentially pioneered) and it made my soul smile so darned hard.

So I’d be remiss to not remind you that Alex’s Morning Markets over at Crunchbase can delightfully distill the venture/IPO news cycles for anyone (even me!), and that his personal newsletter/blog is a source of great joy and reflection written so freaking well it hurts. So TL;DR, I’m eternally grateful for his generosity of language and spirit, both as a writer and as a friend.

OK, let’s get to the content before I get all misty-eyed before work. In those immortal words that were definitely spoken at some point IRL: there’s no crying in newsletters!

So this fine morning, crank some CRJ hard and go buy someone a cup of coffee. Tackle today with grace and puppy-like enthusiasm, and be kind to each other!

xoxo Amy