This One’s Rather Shouty, Mmmkay?

Why hello! It’s 46 degrees Fahrenheit in San Francisco, which is 7 degrees Celsius, to which I just realized that every time you say one or the other temperature scale, you are referring to its inventor, and I just went down a wikipedia rabbit hole, DON’T JUDGE ME, OK, I’M NO SCIENTIST.

Also: if you’re looking to watch the dumbest yet somehow most enjoyable movie I’ve watched in years, check out the Michael Bay-directed 6 Underground, starring my soulmate Ryan Reynolds. I watched it this past weekend and while there are lines in it that genuinely made me yell “NO WAY THEY SAID THAT STUPID, STUPID LINE” at the TV, the movie's got lots of car chases and explosions and the spectacular Mélanie Laurent as a spy and no real discernible plot and DIDN’T I SAY RYAN REYNOLDS, COME ON, GET TO STREAMING IT ALREADY.

Here’s some internet!

  • Read this: More than 750 historians co-signed a Medium post stating, “President Trump’s actions committed both before and during the House investigations fit Hamilton’s description and manifest utter and deliberate scorn for the rule of law and “repeated injuries” to constitutional democracy. That disregard continues and it constitutes a clear and present danger to the Constitution. We therefore strongly urge the House of Representatives to impeach the President.

  • Heck yea: a group of conservative critics of the current POTUS, including GOP strategist Rick Wilson and husband-of-Counselor-to-the-President George Conway has set up a super PAC to defeat Trump. It’s called The Lincoln Project, and they announced it in an NYT op-ed filled with history! Woot!

  • Today, in articles that are personally attacking me: What to Do About an Overtalker. Rude, NYT, rude.

  • In a review out of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign of 11 studies of the practice of yoga, researchers describe the positive effect of yoga practice on the structure and/or function of the hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex, cingulate cortex and brain networks including the default mode network (DMN).” Yoga is the only physical fitness I’ve done on a a very regular basis, so I am quite please that it’s doing good things for my noggin. Although, seeing as I have a rather addictive personality, one may argue that the reason I’ve stuck with it is BECAUSE of the positive effects it’s had on my brain, but whatever, it centers me AND makes my butt look good in jeans so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • And finally, GFY Harvey Weinstein: “I feel like the forgotten man… I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!” My apologies if you just tossed your laptop out your window in disgust, cuz I'm right there with you.

You’re lovely. Be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy