Tips for Tea, Twitter Turmoil, and Teetotaler Trends

Good morning, darlings! Spending the morning printing off and distributing George Orwell’s 11 Tips for Proper Tea Making on the side of Montgomery Street, as well as to any new writing hires we bring in.

Will Mike Bloomberg enter the presidential race? Re/code points out that there are a bunch of tech folks who would really really really like that. Also, Donald Rumsfeld announced his new app - "an incredibly devilish version of solitaire” - on Medium, and hoo boy, the community sure made their thoughts about his wartime actions known in the comments.

There’s turmoil at Twitter, as they lost four executives and the rollout of the announcement (read: leak to the NYT) wasn’t exactly as polished as it should have been, leading Jack Dorsey to quickly screen grab a statement before he was able to tell his team. Sarah Lacy at Pando delves into the troubles at Twitter’s top.

You may scoff at this New York Times trend piece Happy Hour Without the Booze. You may make fun of the pretty young things clutched around tables, chatting with life coaches, brand strategists, and “lanky psychotherapist[s]” while sipping green juice. You may tilt your head and wonder why the hell these even need to exist. But as someone who has an actual list of restaurants in San Francisco that serve nonalcoholic beer, and who would quite certainly attend an after-work yoga happy hour, more places to network, meet new people and have great conversations outside of the typical open bar situation would be kind of nice.

Now get off my lawn, and have a great day ;)