Today, I Am Grateful For Morning Fog And The Massive Amount Of Cold Brew Past-Amy Made Yesterday.

Hello, sweethearts! I hope you’re making your way through this last week of summer the best you can. And if you’re not already on vacation, you definitely need this video of an otter telling its human how to skritch its head.

Last night I kicked off my inaugural SF Desert Exodus Dining Adventure, wherein I make a week's worth of dinner reservations at restaurants I can’t normally get into, and then use a Doodle poll for friends to randomly sign up for spots in a four-top, without knowing the restaurant or the company they’ll keep. And in one evening alone, I’ve added at least six books to my reading list and had the greatest time discovering that my friends get along with… each other. I’m definitely going to write more about it, but happy to report that night one was a success.

To the content!

Y’all are lovely. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy