Today’s Missive Is 50 Percent Animals And Lots of CAPS. YOU’RE WELCOME, DEAR READERS.

A quick one today, since I’ve been working since 5:30 and I’m somehow already behind on… life? I dunno, I think I need another cold brew, or not...

  • Over at the Washington Post, Tony Romm covers how a new legal team at Facebook recently won a suit against scammy app developers and you know what, that’s really good to see, MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

  • Friend of the Missive Alex writes the BEST headlines: No One Knows What Anything Is Worth, Part II.

  • In most important news, my colleague Kelley informed me that there’s something called Fat Bear Week in which we celebrate hungry bears in national parks getting ready for hibernation. DID YOU KNOW ONE OF THEM IS NAMED CHONK, THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, CLICK THE DAMNED LINK ALREADY. And oh my good lord, can we please give whoever delineated authors on this KQED article allllllll of the raises, please?

  • And in that vein, sometimes I just feel SEEN by the promoted tweets that pop-up in my feed (btw Airbnb WELL DONE on knowing that cultural vacations are ok and all, but ANIMAL VACATIONS ARE THE GREATEST VACATIONS, FULL STOP.)

Be kind to each other, and VISIT MORE GOATS pls.

xoxo Amy