Today's the First Day of the Rest of the Campaign...

Let’s start at the very beginning, which is pretty much the only way to start in this upside down world where Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday and Politico is taking WAY too long to load as the rest of the world attempts to understand just WTF is going on.

FYI: Ted Cruz hosted his TX rally last night at an “extreme racist’s bar”. In any other election, that would be scandalous and dominating post-Tuesday coverage. Its not something we are discussing, at all, because a Trump surrogate went on live TV and says that the KKK killed people to “further the progressive agenda.” THAT is the election we are dealing with right now. And most terrifying, as Vox points out, Trump’s "support seems to cross demographic lines — education, income, age, even religiosity.”

So many takes, too little time. What does this mean for the GOP? As The New York Times covered last week, the outlook being painted is a bleak one. After Senate Republicans promise to not vote on *any* nominee Obama puts forth, they are now scratching their heads and wondering why so many of their own voters want to toss out an ineffectual government. Both last night and this morning NPR interviewed Republican politicians who are unequivocally denouncing him, but what effect if any will tough talk from the establishment that have on the people who voted for him? I know we have some very smart Republican subscribers to this Missive - my friends, tell me what happens now.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was the first woman to win a Super Tuesday, but as The Guardian points out, there’s no time for celebration when she has to dig in for what will be the nastiest campaign ever.

Too. Many. Things. And this isn’t even touching the fact that Apple and the FBI were testifying yesterday about regarding iPhone encryption. Thank god Re/code was there.

Ugh, I’m tired. More tomorrow.