Too Busy for Clever Subject Line.

Good morning, y’all! The Missive was missing yesterday, as I had to go check out all the cool perks you can get when you play the Woman Card! As Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post will sarcastically tell you, there are so many things you definitely did not ask for, ever, and just can’t return even if you try.

Pretty great time to remind you that the first Code for Hillary hackathon is tomorrow in San Francisco, and I’m a judge. I’m not going to lie, when Clinton’s CTO tweeted about it, I got giddy, because I have no chill whatsoever. So come out, tell your friends, bring your team. ‪#‎hillyes‬

In what CNN describes as a “last-ditch move to gain momentum,” Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Needless to say, folks are confused.

And finally, moose are not a joke people. Ask any Northerner: they will fuck you up.