Trudeau vs. the Orange Volcano

As many of you reminded me, yesterday was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first visit to Washington since his BFF decamped for kitesurfing in the BVIs and was replaced by an angry orange man imitating Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of what a President Trump would resemble.

And Trudeau shined: shutting down Trump’s weird handshake - a trap that the Japanese PM couldn’t avoid - and deftly dancing between two official languages while Trump mugged for the cameras. Trudeau found a delicate response to a pointed question about refugees by stating he didn’t come to lecture, while reminding us of the humanitarian leadership Canada has shown on this issue. Overall, Trudeau was able to set himself apart from Trump without risking the ire of a Twitter rant. Something his father wasn’t able to do with Nixon, had Nixon had social media.

And don’t get me wrong, I loved this. It made me proud of my roots and my dual citizenship, and I really do enjoy watching awkward press conferences. YOU KNOW, FOR WORK.

But when I read that Oklahoma lawmakers want to make it so that men need to approve all abortions, I go rage-blind. After all, I guess a man’s choice is really all that matters in all of this, because women are mere “host”s to children, as flying spaghetti monster intended.

And when Michael Flynn finally resigns after it was revealed that the Justice Department warned the White House that he was compromised BY THE RUSSIANS, well… I don’t know, I just start screaming into the void (twitter, see below.)

It continues. But as my Mum reminds us:

It's important to stay sane, darlings.