Trump Meets Liz, Yelling in the Workplace, Expanding Memes

Friends! Not a lot this morning, since I hit snooze a few too many times and I have to hustle.

Trump walked in front of the Queen of England while accompanying her on a review of the guard, and the internet lost it. Also, watching ol' Liz dodge and weave behind that semi-sentient bag of laundry is pretty amazing. Also also also, Trump is le worst.

Last week, the congressional questioning of the senior F.B.I. agent in charge of the #ButHerEmails and Russian influence investigations over anti-Trump texts with his colleague and then-lover was, as the kids say, LIT. There are thought pieces on thought pieces on thought pieces out there, but I like this one from the New Yorker, “The G-Man Fights Back: Peter Strzok Zaps His Republican Inquisitors”. Oh sorry, and this one, “What the Hell Happened During Peter Strzok's Testimony?” <— excellent run-down of the entire motley crew of questioning characters.

And finally, friend of the Missive Aaron sent this piece, “A baseball player stood on a bucket — and sparked an online debate about masculinity” my way, after I retweeted a comment about the phots of said baseball player standing on a bucket for a sportsball interview which read “Siri: show me fragile masculinity”. The piece is a good look at how context-free memes flatten stories and people, leading to one-note depictions of real humans that are easy to share but probably-inaccurate comments on character. FWIW, I now think I like this sportsballer seems like a lovely chap, especially considering his AMAZING engagement photos.

Y’all are a delight. So be kind to each other.