TV Reunions I Actually Care About, Journalist Inside Baseball, Political Dysfunction Musical Humor

Why am I humming Paula Cole and getting anxiously nostalgic channeling my high school verbosity? Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of Dawson’s Creek for the show’s 20th (ACK) anniversary, and I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The full list of Trump admin firings performed like an Animaniacs song is goddamned gold.

Infinity pools are debris-collecting, more expensive Instagram bait that prevent people from sitting on actual beaches. Don’t @ me, just read an article on the internet that confirms my pre-formed view on the stupid “status” symbols.

Hey, so if you ever have the awful need to tell a woman to “get over 2016,” as I’ve been told on Twitter - and in person! - before, pretty please read this excerpt from Jennifer Palmieri’s new book “Dear Madam President” to understand the existential chasm it opened up for some of us. Especially this quote: “We had lived our lives playing by a certain set of rules, and they had failed us. We didn’t know what to make of it at first. Could it be that women are meant to go only so far in the world?”

Olivia Nuzzi chatted with the Columbia Journalism Review on how she got Hope Hicks to open up to her. Fun fact: I ran up to Olivia Nuzzi at a party at the DNC in 2016 and completely fan-girled out over her writing and she was perfectly gracious and kind and seemingly not freaked out by a 30-something stranger gushing over written emotional set pieces.

And finally yes, I’ll ping you. But “I have yet to determine precisely how I will ping you. I have complete and absolute discretion to determine the pinging method.”

Toodles, my poodles!