Two Weeks Out: Git Yer Nerd On with Electoral Maps

Darlings! I’ve spent the time waiting for the coffee to brew re-watching the stellar David Pumpkins sketch from last weekend’s Saturday Night Live. I re-watched that a few times on Sunday and couldn’t stop laughing. So when friend of the Missive Christina G. shared this Atlantic article on why it was one of the best moments of the night, I was pleased to have my strange sense of humor validated.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been much less cheery in sharing election news, mostly because I’ve hit peak-election-exhaustion and I am home with a brutal cold. But one thing that did get me excited this morning was seeing two new data tools that help you map out the election based on a variety of factors. So if you’re interested in avoiding rhetoric, but still want to map out whatever your apocalypse or salvation looks like, there are a couple of sites to help you get there.

And to put a non-data button on this: Catherine Rampell over at WaPo has some tough words for the Republican Party: Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp, which I essentially take as a massive troll. Wouldn't want to be in her mentions this morning, yeeesh.