Unrelated: LSD Microdoses and Squirrel Revolts

Do something. Write your elected officials today to ask for common-sense gun control.

I mentioned the controversy about the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative yesterday, which, by the way, is either a nefarious shadow government or the best damned silent yoga retreat this side of the rockies. In addition to the backlash to the backlash, two takes are of note and worth reading. Natasha Singer and Mike Isaac of The New York Times explain how, as an L.L.C., the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative can further invest in for-profit enterprises, and will not need to disclose public tax documents, a factor that makes sites like Charity Navigator examine efficacy of not-for-profit 501(c)(3)s. On Medium, Anil Dash states why it is "absolutely fair and necessary to be critical of Zuckerberg’s philanthropic efforts, both past and present, to ensure that this gift of $45 billion dollars is put to good use,” reminding us of the Newark Schools debacle from a few years ago.

Oh, and the Daily Show also posted a parody open letter from the Zuckerbaby herself, putting Dad on blast for “out-humble-bragging the world."

No one likes Ted Cruz.

As the wife of a lawyer, daughter of a lawyer, daughter-in-law to two lawyers, and friend to a gaggle of lawyers, I feel like I have ptsd-by-proxy in relation to the Bar exam, especially the infamously difficult California Bar. This year, the pass rate for the California Bar reached an historic low: less than 47% of test takers passed. Sweet lord.

Squirrels are attacking humans in Marin County. I, for one, welcome and am prepared for our rat-with-a-haircut overlords.

And finally, if everyone is an entrepreneur, does everyone get to micro-dose LSD at work? FOR RESEARCH, OBVIOUSLY.

But seriously, write your elected official now.