Wait, Do Animals Know Daylight Savings Time Started?

Good morning, my darlings. I hope you all survived the time change this weekend - I for one wonder if there is enough coffee in the world to overcome this profound trauma. On the other hand, I think there’s a huge SEO play next year that goes beyond “when does daylight savings time start?”

Get on it, entrepreneurs.

I spent the weekend cooking, cleaning, yoga-ing, and watching the second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. I didn’t finish it, so no spoilers you monsters, but I found myself noticing numerous times through my superhero film noir journey how awesome it is to have gritty, funny, imperfect, fully-formed female characters as the foundation for a show like this. In reference to the show’s titular hero(?), Vulture commented, “… there’s a thrill to watching [star Krysten Ritter] play the sort of charismatic, suffering jerk role that is typically only offered to male stars.” And all 13 episodes were directed by women.

Over at the Washington Post, Tom Nichols hits it square on: Trump is delivering what he promised: A government with no experts. Remember, hiring people who do not understand the absolute basics of their departments is a feature, not a bug for this administration.

And finally, THEY MAY HAVE FOUND AMELIA EARHART’S BONES. Or, had them all along but since the idea of an athletic woman was witchcraft at the time so they thought her bones were someone else’s? Anyhoo, here’s an academic paper on it.

I adore you all. Be kind to each other.