Wake Up, Drink Coffee, Listen To Good Music, Be Kind To Others, Sleep. Repeat.

I had a magical evening yesterday. You see, last night was singer/songwriter and Friend of the Missive Nataly Dawn’s album release show at The Lost Church, and it was one of the most lovely evenings of music I’ve ever experienced. Nataly was joined by her friend/collaborator/producer/excellent banterer Lauren O’Connell and other surprise guests for an intimate show of tunes new and old performed in a room so rapt that I swear no one shifted in their seats for at least the first half of the evening, it was that damned quiet. I’m not a music critic so I have no idea how to say this without sounding trite or hyperbolic (especially considering “trite” and “hyperbolic” come naturally to me,) but I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time. Nataly and Lauren are captivating guitarists and performers, and the show was like sitting in Nat’s living room and hearing every strum and pluck up close, and just laughing along as her and Lauren reminisce and play and omg it was just so freaking lovely, I had so much fun, it was SO DAMNED GOOD. If you haven’t listened to her new album, you really must, and if you’d like to listen to the songs from the set itself, Nataly made a very helpful playlist for ya! So yea, support local and live music each and every damned day, mmmmkay?

But in not-at-all-lovely news, a San Francisco programmer hacked Tinder so that men connecting with a fake account of a very pretty lady would actually connect with another male account, an account that also thought they were connecting with said pretty lady account. And when those two male accounts would flirt with each other, a script would swap gendered language so neither party was the wiser, leading into an online dating nightmare of epic proportions. BUT CODING IS AGNOSTIC AND UNBIASED, you scream into the sea, YOU SHOULD TRUST THE ALGORITHM, you shout into the void, NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE HISTORY OR ETHICS OR PSYCHOLOGY EVER AGAIN, JUST STEM STEM STEM, you scribble over and over again on the walls of your apartment. Oh, I’m sorry, are you all still here?

In the last few years, did you name your baby Khaleesi? Maybe you didn’t care for Sunday’s Game of Thrones that much then… and if this isn’t an argument for not naming a baby for a character on a popular show until, you know, said show and said storyline is complete, I don’t know what else is.

A contestant on The Bachelorette claims he’s fathered 114 children as a sperm donor, which led amazing health and tech reporter Sarah Zhang to ask just how many conceived children is too many conceived children for a single donor? Somewhere, a 23andme content copywriter awakes in a cold sweat, and sits down to write the most awkward “you have new family connections!” email ever crafted. Oooooh, and there’s probably a joke in here related to the link above on how DNA tests could prevent the mother of dragons from falling in love with the son of her brother or something? Anyhoo, eww eww eww.

The New York Times asks, Is There a Connection Between Undocumented Immigrants and Crime? Spoiler: NO.

You’re all swell. Be kind to each other. And go listen to good music.

Xoxo Amy