We're back, y'all!

Morning, my dearests. I’m happy to be back, though I’m sad to report that far fewer folks at work had bingewatched the new season of Stranger Things than I’d anticipated, since my office Halloween costume didn’t seem to make sense to most.

Oh well, dressing up as a coked-out 80s Wall Street trader never goes out of style. TO THE INTERWEBS!

Last week, I was blissfully disconnected from the political media maelstrom, other than finally reading Hillary Clinton’s book — and yes, I may have cried a few times at the pool, come at me bros. But hoo boy, I’m glad I did, because this week’s shower of indictments is now all the more refreshing.

And man, the Washington Post editorial board is not pulling any punches when they print things like What a presidential president would have said about Mueller’s indictments.

Whilst sipping sparkling water at the Ace Hotel pool in Palm Springs, I binge-listened to the excellent Los Angeles Times true crime podcast Dirty John. So not only should you listen to it, you should then read the very excellent New Yorker take on it: “Dirty John”: Journalism as Noir Entertainment.

For you history buffs out there: When hate goes viral: A pre-Twitter cautionary tale of murderous anti­-Semitism. (thx Mum!)

I’ve never played D+D, but I am fascinated by the resurgence of pop culture interest in it.

I know I’m late on this, but Kevin Spacey’s statement was pure garbage.

And finally, I may have mentioned this previously, but the CIA Fires Very Good Girl for Refusing to Be a Narc, but it’s ok because spook-pup-in-training Lulu got to retire to the home of her handler.

Love you all. Until tomorrow!