We've Reached Meta Twitter Fight Infinity Loop.

Dearests! Per usual, the internet is a goddamned mess this morning. The good news? It’s almost Friday. The bad news? It’s still socially frowned upon to leave the house without pants, even in San Francisco. Sigh.

If you haven’t been scouring the news this morning, POTUS is getting into a fight with the very platform that incubated his political metastasizing. WEEEE! So here's the thing: in a piece published Wednesday, VICE reported that Twitter was “shadow banning” conservatives. Many technology-minded folks said that wasn’t true, and that auto-complete issues happening across the platform did not equal shadow banning (“Twitter Is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans”.) Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey denied that the practice existed, and pointed to a tweet thread explaining how autocomplete works. But then the President of the United States repeated the claim via a message on that very interwebs site, and promised to investigate this “discriminatory and illegal practice.” Which led to “Twitter shares added roughly a percent to the stock's premarket losses immediately following the accusation.” Got that? So yea, this will most certainly be a thing today you'll have to explain to family and friends. If I got the above correct, point them to tinyletter.com/amynw.

Nothing to see here: Putin’s Soccer Ball for Trump Had Transmitter Chip, Logo Indicates. I’m sure Internet of Shit has some OPINIONS on this Adidas “smart” ball.

How does Hollywood financially safeguard when it is inevitably revealed that their executives, producers and stars have created ill-advised tweets at some point in their lives, other than never again hire a human and only fund creepy AI research? Alyssa Bereznak at The Ringer goes deep into the magical world of Hollywood contracts and their “quick outs.”

And our kicker today, once again from McSweeney’s: My Summer Body: The Reveal is top notch lols. “It’s hard to ignore my summer body. That’s because it’s a salty seafaring Mainer who bellows about the dangers of Nor’Easters while slurping down flavorful cod broth.”

Bellow forth, my bitches! And be kind to each other, ok?