Weird History Nerds, ASSEMBLE!

Before we get to the interwebs, what are you doing next Tuesday night? Have you heard me talk about Odd Salon and been curious but don’t live in the Bay Area and have been unable to attend? Well guess what, my darlings: On Tuesday, May 26th, Odd Salon co-founders (and dear Friends of the Missive) Annetta Black and Tre Balchowsky are hosting the first ever virtual bi-coastal Odd Salon to examine how “even during the worst of days of history – then as now – individuals have stepped up to make a difference, communities have rallied together, unlikely heroes have emerged, and resilient art forms have flowered, inspired and informed by the shared experience endured.” So join us a week from now for Odd Salon: RESILIENT! Tickets are FREE, though if you decide to to purchase a ticket to support Odd Salon during our unexpected hiatus, THERE BE PERKS. Please support this community by joining us for this grand digital adventure.


Y’all are great. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy