What is the Collective Noun for Social Media Managers, and Other Projects I Ponder as I Make Coffee.

Sweethearts! I hope you’re having a better week than the Cheesecake Factory marketing executives who somehow didn’t anticipate that the natural limits of a free cheesecake giveaway would enrage the ravenous internet masses. Let’s all take a deep breath and send our good intentions to the poor social media manager whose weekend is just straight screwed this week.

Speaking of social media managers who should be paid more, the ever-so-sassy Monterey Bay Aquarium has an issue with one of Apple’s emojis, and as they point out, they aren’t squidding around about it (their amazing pun, not mine, don’t @ me!) I guess the squid emoji has a major biological feature of said cephalopod in the absolute wrong place?

Don’t worry, folks: ”The Death of the WASP Elite Is Greatly Exaggerated”.

“In the Victorian era, a different kind of ghostwriting became popular—largely because it allowed men to take all the credit.” Fuck yes, JSTOR Daily: W. B. Yeats’ Live-in “Spirit Medium”.

PETA would like us to stop using “anti-animal language” like “kill two birds with one stone” and replace it with totally normal, not at all awkward or likely to induce eyerolls language like “feed two birds with one scone.” To which of course the internet promptly lost its snarky mind.

And finally, BREAKING: Odyssey of the Mind Was A Real Thing and Not a Fever Dream You Had in 1999. THANK GOD, because my Mum missed an Eagles concert to come to my OotM performance in Grade 6—WHICH I AM SO SURE WAS GENIUS AND AMAZING AND TOTALLY WORTH IT—and I’ll never forgive myself and my obnoxious young nerdery (love you, Mum!)

Don’t forget to take the flower by the thorns today! And be kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy