Whatever, Coronavirus, Today We Choose To Crank That CRJ And Dance Around Our Kitchens.

My darling dearests! Omg, it’s (checks watch) Tuesday! It’s Tuesday the 21st! Yesterday was Monday the 20th! Tomorrow is Wednesday the 22nd! And that’s been your much-needed reminder of which day of the week it is.

Also: I have decided that today is officially a Carly Rae Jepsen kind of day, so I highly encourage you to do as I have and mosey on over to Spotify and get your morning groove on. If you’re looking for a tune to start with, might I suggest the wailing lead sax of Run Away With Me. Bonus points for hairbrush karaoke and general wiggly merriment.


And per usual, I really really really really really like you.

Tom Hanks IReally Like You GIF - TomHanks IReallyLikeYou CarlyRaeJepsen GIFs

Be kind to yourself.

xoxo Amy