When Naughty Logos are the Least of Your Worries.

Happy Monday, Mischevians! I am finally back in the Bay Area, after spending the weekend in Washington D.C. with some of the country’s most impressive and impassioned young progressives at the New Leaders Council’s 2016 Retreat. Highlights for me included a young CEO speaking on the difficulties of fulfilling progressive ideals like a high minimum wage and full parental leave for his employees while still making payroll, a breakout session on national security with advisor to Special Operations Kristen R. Hajduk, and getting to spend Saturday afternoon interviewing young progressive leaders from across the country on the roof of the Newseum, with the Capitol in the background.

But I’m back from my travels now, and doing my best to approximate a regular schedule. And thank god I am, because guess what we have this week?


After ‘announcing’ Governor Mike Pence as running mate with a logo that caused many of us with a not-entirely-clean mind say ‘um, is that T having sex with… you know what, never mind, the Trump Train rolls into Cleveland. And between Alex Jones of InfoWars arguing with Karl Rove at the airport (no link, because I care too much about you to send you to infowars), the RNC asking Sheldon Adelson for more green to cover costs, and the police union asking for open carry laws to be suspended, I’m pretty #blessed that I will not be at the RNC.

It’s insane. Just today, Stephen Colbert was somehow able to get up on the main stage dressed as a character from The Hunger Games, and speak into the mic for 30 seconds. I mean, just take a look at this lede from a piece in the New York Times on how the event is scrambling:

CLEVELAND — Donald J. Trump was told, no, it was not sensible to have Don King, the flamboyant boxing promoter, address the Republican convention. But Mr. Trump, who has repeatedly boasted of having Mr. King’s support, kept pressing the matter.

Finally, officials including Reince Priebus, the Republican national chairman, firmly explained to Mr. Trump why Mr. King should not be invited: He once stomped a man to death and was convicted of manslaughter. The party could not associate itself with someone convicted of a felony.

Mr. Trump eventually relented. Mr. King, a Cleveland native, will not take the stage.

I’ll see you this week, kids. Should be a doozy.