When the Nixon Library's Trolling You...

Hey friends! So Trump went and fired FBI Director Comey yesterday, supposedly because of Comey’s email press conference last July. Riiiiiight. Give Politico’s Behind Comey’s firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia a read. Supposedly, the whole “omg a president just fired the head of the investigation into his ties to Russia” reaction took the White House by surprise, as evidenced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders stating "It's time to move on,” on national TV.

One delectable tidbit towards the end:

While shock dominated much of the FBI and the White House, the mood was more elated at Roger Stone's house in Florida. Several Stone allies and friends said Stone, who has been frequently mentioned in the investigation, encouraged the president to fire Comey in conversations in recent weeks.


Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway has already said that the firing had "nothing to do with the campaign from 6 months ago,” directly contradicting the White House’s stated reason for firing him. And while lawmakers across the aisle howled WTF to the moon, Trump got pissed at Dems in what the New York Times called a "series of visceral tweets.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been grumpy AF about the way Comey handled the email scandal, but I find it deeply unsettling that the President has fired seemingly everyone involved in investigating him. Even the Nixon Library got all "fun fact" feisty about the constant comparisons to everyone’s favorite “not a crook” president:

So yea, the last day has been confusing. I encourage you, as friend of the Missive Katelyn encouraged me, to check out The Duchess Of Cambridge: Making Of A Vogue Centenary Cover to salve your frayed nerves with beautiful portraiture and a public figure who actually seems decent and good and has perfect hair.