When Writing This Subject Line, All I Could Think Was “God Bless Coffee,” So I’m Going To Run With That.

My dearests! It’s been a couple of days of early morning meetings for me, so my pre-dawn minutes have been spent in front of a Zoom camera and not here, dear readers, scouring the internet for things that will either inspire you or frighten you enough about your current political quagmire to sign up to volunteer with the Blue political candidate or cause of your choice. 

And we didn’t even have the chance to mark the fact that we’ve entered yet another month of staying home. Hey, remember in March when we thought this would last a month or two? Those were more innocent times, back before we found out that masks that prevent the spread of a deadly and highly-communicable disease were actually hyper-political signifiers of morality or something, I dunno, I’m just tired and snarky and it’s hard to maintain sarcasm past a sentence or two whilst staring down the stark realities of our twisted time. TL;DR, please please please please wear a mask and then vote, for the love of all things good, do those two things and perhaps we can all start wearing regular pants again.

To the internet!

Y’all are lovely. I’ll see you tomorrow. Please wear a mask and wash your hands and be kind to each other, and to yourself.

xoxo Amy