Witches and Fast Planes and Hot Ducks, oh my!

So this is a real hodgepodge of stuff this morning, so let’s. get. to. It!

Witches, rise! According to the Christian Post, reporting on a Quartz story entitled “The US Witch Population Has Seen an Astronomical Rise,there are now more self-identified Witches in the US than there are Presbyterians. I, for one, welcome our benevolent Wiccan overlords and ladies. And as Quartz points out, “…witchcraft is the perfect religion for liberal millennials who are already involved in yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and new-age spirituality.” So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to shop for “mysticore” products and all of the Stevie Nicks-like robes my closet can hold, because I'm pretty sure a Wiccan-led country would be an improvement on what we're in now.

Fast planes make a lot of noise. So testing fast planes means making a lot of noise. And learning about the lot of noise made by testing fast planes means articles with headlines like, People Are Being Subjected To Sonic Booms To See If The Rich Get Supersonic Planes Again.

And finally, “Stop Feeding the Hot Duck,” you monsters.

Be kind to each other (and yourselves!)

Xoxo Amy