Woke Teen Vogue, Messy Therapy, and F*** Love Actually.

Good morning, Mischevians! I’ll be off next week in Bolinas next week, so while there may be a Missive, I’ll most likely be busy preventing the Mups from rolling in dead seagulls on the beach. So while I’ll certainly miss you all, I’m sure the world will continue to crazy.

Y’all know I adore Teen Vogue, which is why this is the best headline of the week: The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump.

It’s difficult to get a therapist in the Bay Area due to a messy confluence of insurance, paperwork and lack of availability, so it’s no wonder that, like other professional services, companies are attempting to disrupt the space like Uber disrupted taxis. And like Uber, said startups are attempting to fill a platform role, as opposed to a provider role, with practitioners classified as 1099 workers. Unfortunately, like other professional services, that gray area between “platform” and “provider” means that regulations may be skirted and the line between treatment and profits can be blurred. Cat Ferguson at The Verge did an excellent piece on this messy space.

And call me Ms. Scrooge, but I am so happy people are talking about how fucked up it is that the dude from Love, Actually professed his love to his best friends *new wife* via the cue card scene heard round the late teens (trust me, I had that move pulled on me back in my day.) And don’t get me started on the fact she runs out and kisses him because that is SO MANY mixed messages and what, now we break commitments because someone asks? Here’s my Chrismukkuh confession: I never liked that movie. So BAH HUMBUG, go watch Muppet Christmas Carol because MICHAEL CAINE, PEOPLE.

Love you all,