Wooly Mammoths and the Hypocrisy of Elected Officials: A Memoir

My darlings, there isn’t much out there that get me super excited (j/k, I’m the most enthusiastic person you know, there’s plenty out there that gets me super excited…) but there are two topics that will always garner my curious attention: the abject hypocrisy of craven elected officials, and long-dead wooly mammoths. And who’da thunk I’d be able to find a way to cram both of those topics into one Missive? YOU of course, dear readers, as you never fail to humor the wee german professor in my brain swinging his pointer stick around at cavernous dusty chalkboards filled with random-ass topics.

(makes coffee, takes a long deep breath, stares out window, returns to keyboard)

I'm reading two pieces this morning: Ryan Lizza is the human in which Anthony Scaramucci improperly trusted his most sacred of profanities, leading to his exit from the White House, so you know that his deep dive into Rep. Devin Nunes’s family dairy farm must be more exciting that it sounds. Why, you might ask? Because the ol’ family farm is in Iowa, not his home district in California. Nunes may have spent a decade trying to conceal that move. Said family farm may employ undocumented immigrants. And Nunes maaaaay have tried to influence Lizza and prevent him from reporting on said move of said dairy farm. Remember folks, it’s not always the crime that gets ya, but the cover-up.

And sent in by our dear friend Tre, Alexander Rose, Odd Salon fellow and executive director of The Long Now Foundation, wrote a delightful recap of his trip to Siberia, where scientists are preparing for the reintroduction of the long-extinct Wooly Mammoth. Come for the moose meat meals, stay for the gorgeous photography, and then really stay for your own personal Jeff Goldblum monologue about the ethics of resurrecting long-dead creatures.

That’s it, that’s all, my poppets. Be kind to each other!

xoxo Amy