Working Out with Ideological Opposites, and Other Adventures.

Good morning! Last night, I watched IT. Why, you may ask? Because if I felt like getting terrified by an angry clown, I wanted it to be fictional. ZIIIIING!

All terrrrrrible jokes aside, I actually seriously watched IT last night instead of the SOTU. Now, while I didn’t actually “see” most of IT because I was too busy shielding my eyes from 2/3rds of the screen and reading the closed captioning while the TV was on mute - as all good and normal people watch horror movies, I imagine - it was a really good movie!


  • THERE WAS A “RARE SUPER BLOOD MOON” THIS MORNING and I missed it while I was making coffee, because I can’t read articles correctly.

  • Friend of the Missive Brendan shared this great take on the whole Strava data mess by Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai on Facebook yesterday. Specifically, I appreciate his thoughts on how whether or not you CAN make your location information private is not the issue to discuss. Instead, the issue is how likely those who aren’t intimately familiar with Silicon Valley privacy issues will adjust those settings. It’s a keen and thoughtful look at “opting out.”

  • Never Trump conservative and really great tweeter David Frum worked out with Eve Peyser from VICE because he didn’t want to smoke weed with her. Hilarity? ensued. It’s a really good look at Frum’s take on the decay of the GOP, and Peyser also illustrates the ideological discomfort of the cross-party anti-Trump movement (enemy of my enemy, etc.)

  • Please read this lovely first-person account of surgery recovery in a country less dependent on opioids, where a medical professional told the patient, “Pain is a part of life. We cannot eliminate it nor do we want to. The pain will guide you.” It’s a gentle and introspective look at the lull and panic that comes after major surgery. As she writes: “What I really needed was patience pills, and a few distractions. The hardest part of my recovery was lingering in bed, or on the sofa, feeling the discomfort and boredom as time ticked by slowly,” a boredom that would have otherwise been eliminated by codeine in the US, or needing to go back to work to pay for the surgery.

Happy Wednesday, my darlings. I appreciate you.