Yea, Feels Like Today Totally Needs To Be A Half-Caf One.

Folks! Between Odd Salon and an insaaaaane week at work, I have been derelict in going to yoga AND in sharing the random stuff I’m reading on the internet. Which is sort of for the best, I guess, because I’ve hardly had time to catch up on the hot impeachment gossip, or gnaw on my gnails with anxiety over our current existential quandary, though it does mean I am stiff and not taking full breaths. I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

BTW, friend of the Missive Greg K. has some VERY important news about the Bay Area’s newest animal hero, a therapy horse names Sweets who rides BART. Friends, sometimes I worry I share too much in this Missive. But then you send me stuff like this and I know I'm sharing just the right amount.

Yes Greg, I sure as heck appreciate that.

So the Good News for all of us is that THE INTERNET NEVER SLEEPS and I found some content! For you, dear reader! And me!

Be kind to yourselves, y’all! And please send deep breaths and words of affirmation please.

Xoxo Amy