Yelling Politicians from the 90s, Banning Plastic Bags, and Other Pravda-Worthy Distractions

Good morning, lovelies! Happy to report that I filled out my mail-in ballot yesterday and will be dropping it off today. And as much as I nerd out on my civic duty, going through the four page California ballot took an hour at my computer researching who was funding which proposition. Again, I’m a nerd and I like doing this, so if you’re an average, busy human, I wonder how much time can be spent on a ballot that includes repealing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, banning plastic bags, increasing taxes on tobacco, and regulating large-scale ammunition purchases, et al. Who knew a civic duty would be more like a civics test HOO AH that’s a voting joke for ya, you’re welcome.

In election news, another shot in the great Boomer/Millennial war of 2016 has crossed the bow. And if you’re interested in seeing a man melt down on camera about fascinations with sex and Pravda-worthy bias, check out Newt Gingrich flipping out on Megan Kelly last night. Sigh. What a time to be alive.

Wanna be freaked out about the increased paramilitarization of the American People? Read Shane Bauer’s undercover account of his time with a border militia.

The macOS updated yesterday, and within the system itself were hidden images of the new MacBook Pro set to be launched on tomorrow. It seems it will have TouchID capabilities. And somewhere Steve Jobs is firing someone in heaven for not triple checking the release notes against embargoed material. Meanwhile, Apple’s Annual Sales Have Fallen For The First Time Since 2001.

Conde Nast Traveler released its 2016 travel awards, so be like me and spend an hour on the site wishing you had a sizable trust fund and no need for a job.

And if you’re still interested in volunteering for Hillary, I’m hosting another phonebook at home in Oakland this Saturday. Join me!

I adore you all 😃