Yes, I Spent Too Much $$$ On A Kacey Musgraves + Boy Smells Candle For My New Apartment. And Yes, I'd One Hundred Percent Do It Again.

Lovelies! As we barrel towards the one year anniversary of the world shutting down, I’m sure my random thoughts and trite observations will inject themselves into these Missives, but I do want to point out that I am very caught between it feeling as if March 2020 never actually ended, and feeling as if I’ve lived a lifetime in the past twelve months. I vacillate between pride in the fact that I’m doing as well as can be (knowing I’m able to work from home, grateful to have a job, lucky to have avoided COVID and any major health scare) to abject fear of the unknown combined with mourning a lost year of gatherings and hugs and Odd Salons, to guilt around not writing King Lear, or producing two fantastic and absolutely timeless albums, or getting into the best shape of my life, or writing a novel, or, or, or, or...

ANYHOO. More on that in the days and weeks to come, I’m sure.


Have a lovely day, wear a mask, pet a friendly dog (with permission, and if you are able) and be kind to yourself, ok?

xoxo Amy

(and if you’re wondering what the candle was, it’s this one and it is magnificent.)