Yes Miles, I did need to cry about a robot.

My dearests! Since I don’t want to talk about how until yesterday it was possible to target “Jew Haters” in Facebook ads, or that one DACA recipient reported that a college classmate called for her to be deported, or how a town in Macedonia is prepared to be the fake news capital of the world in anticipation of 2020, I wanted to share something lovely this morning.

Today, the Cassini mission to Saturn ended. A few days ago, favorite of the Missive and resident pop-scientist Miles Traer sent a note to a few of our friends with the subject line “In case you need to cry about a robot.”

In celebration of Cassini’s mission, he’d drawn the comic below, saying that “It's been an incredible mission that has given us countless wonders and questions and a unique perspective on our own planet as a tiny pale blue dot floating the vastness of the cosmic dark.” Miles then anthropomorphized the spacecraft into a wide-eyed lil scamp and gave us his version of its journey.

So with all credit going to Miles Traer, and a firm request that all of you go check out his website RIGHT NOW, I’m including his comic for your perusal and, perhaps, tears.