You Are Kicking Off The Last 2/5ths Of The Work Week, And For That You Should Be Proud.

Sweeties! Happy Thursday - it just briefly rained in SF and as you all know, we need it. So let’s all thank nature for every blessing we’re given—y’all, she’s gone through some stuff of late and tbqh we’re basically the tenants from hell—and jump right into the internet!


  • OMG, a mother in Tennessee decided that since the school board was making the mask policy optional, she will opt out of the “misogynistic” dress code for her daughter. In her email, she states that she “can only assume that parents are now in a position to pick and choose the school policies to which their child should be subject.” That is definitely an email the Mum of the Missive would have sent had we been under similar circumstances, so to all the badass mama honey badgers, I salute you! (Source = Twitter, so I’m sure hoping it actually happened)

  • I mean, of course he did: Giuliani told agents it was okay to ‘throw a fake’ during political campaign (Washington Post). JUST THE BEST PEOPLE. 

  • A Dem state senator is filibustering the infamous Texas GOP elections bill. Now, while I strongly and deeply dislike the current version of the federal filibuster and how it has strangled dealmaking in Senate, can’t we make the Senate strictly adhere to Texas rules so that if anyone wants to throw a wrench in anything, meaning the filibustering politician is “not allowed to sit or lean against her desk, and unable to take bathroom breaks or drink water”? And please note, I do not know nearly enough about the federal Senate filibuster, just that I want politicians to have to sit through any obstruction they’re throwing up. (Texas Tribune

  • Speaking of a cringe mental image of Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham, a few of you have sent me this Brittlestar video from March apologizing for the birth of Ted Cruz that’s making the rounds again—ht Alexander and two members of my family in Alberta LOL—so I will take this opportunity to remind you that a) Stewart Reynolds aka Brittlestar is a Canadian treasure, and b) I have three unfortunate things in common with Ted Cruz for Human President, and one of them is sharing a city, province and country of birth.

  • And finally, ‘U.S. job openings hit a record 10.1 million in June’ (AP) and I am going to use this as an opportunity to mention that we’re hiring like crazy at all levels, so if you know any awesome communications people, whether work in media relations, analytics, social media, HR, etc, whether fresh out of school or decades into their careers, send them my way, please!

Toodles, darlings! I hope you’re able to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee this morning (mine is Philz with a bit of cream and a dash of—no joke—maple syrup) and get out and about if you’re able at some point during your day. Be kind to yourself, eh?

xoxo Amy