You Can Pry My Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Out Of My Cold, Dead Hands.

My sweethearts, I hope this week has been good to you, and that you’ve been good to yourself. LET’S GET TO THAT SWEET, SWEET #CONTENT!

I wear makeup. I love makeup. While some people buy beer when they’ve had a bad day, I buy lipstick. For me, a well-made face is my personal armor. And I get no-so-secretly-super-excited when someone compliments me on a carefully-lined heavy lid. So I really love this piece from Vox’s The Goods on why, in A Star is Born, “associating makeup with artifice advances the narrative that women who wear it are trying to trick people”, and how Lady Gaga’s decade of make-up partnership and experimentation to make art shouldn’t be waved away as “inauthentic.” I love the kicker: “The irony here is that the “authentic” Lady Gaga we see in A Star Is Born is a fictional character. The real Gaga — fake eyelashes, stick-on gems, and all — is authentic as hell.”

If I mentioned all of the contributed pieces by people in Brett Kavanaugh’s life who are claiming he was untruthful under oath because of what they’ve seen with their own eyes, this Missive would need a new, far more soul-crushing name. Instead, I’ll direct to you James Roche’s piece in Salon, I Was Brett Kavanaugh’s College Roommate. Not since Craig Mazin emerged as the roommate ghost of Ted Cruz’s Princeton past has a college bunkmate dropped receipts like this, only instead of pointing out character foibles of an individual running for the most powerful office in the land, it’s pointing out how someone lied under oath while interviewing for the most powerful court in the land, and omg, I can't handle anything anymore.

Have you received your flu shot yet? I haven’t because I am forgetful and always leave it to the last minute, but after reading this BuzzFeed interview with Dr. Lisa Maragakis, senior director of infection prevention at the Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore, Maryland, I’m getting that shit ASAP. Herd immunity, FTW!

And finally, our favorite puberty-monster-on-meth NHL mascot Gritty has been claimed by the anti-fascists as one of their own, and you know what, it totally seems on-brand. Once again, I envy the social media manager of the Flyers so very, very much.

Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy